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  • First time at this event. Glad I found it. Hope to return. Everyone was so kind and helpful. Well organized!
  • Excellent event. Last SAG was the best.
  • Thanks for allowing 3 wheels too! Multiple distance options are great. Husband tacked on the loop to make 64 miles while I rested at the Georgetown SAG stop.
  • Great SAGs a really good event all the way around
  • Great food variety at SAG. Appreciate the shower availability after ride.
  • It's a really nice ride - Thanks!
  • Great ride!!!! :) Post race food options deserve a 7 (out of 5)
  • Lovely ride. I loved all the hills. Thank you. See you next year.
  • It was excellent! Thank you! :)
  • I think that you do a wonderful job!
  • Excellent event. Thanks to all the volunteers. Great price!
  • Winamac SAG was the Best!
  • First 2R2W. Loved the receipt when registering! Appreciated the mail-in option! Got lost for 32 after last rest stop. Loved the volunteers at busy intersections. We witnessed a fall at a SAG, but the volunteers were there immediately to help with her injuries. Hard boiled eggs and pickles were awesome! Ice cream! We encountered a "private property/do not enter" sign after the 32 peels off from the other routes and had some trouble getting back to the YMCA. We must have missed a sign. We'll be back next year!
  • Good ride!
  • Awesome ride
  • Like the short sleeve shirts. Great food at SAGs and love string cheese, trail mix, watermelon
  • SAGs were better this year. Liked the string cheese, watermelon, pickles and other normal foods. Plenty of water, too! Liked short sleeve shirt.
  • Great job guys! Only suggestion - repave road back to Georgetown from Lockport! Loved the string cheese, jerky, hardboiled eggs with salt.
  • Excellent event - well marked routes, great low-traffic roads, helpful staff, and beautiful scenery. Looking forward to next year's ride. Found on Bike Riding in Indiana's website.
  • AnotherLove the smiling faces at the SAGs - Yummy watermelon/eggs. For some reason, we had 107 miles - we got a tad confused on our way back @ 104?? FUN! Member of the Wabash River Cycling Club. Enjoy your journey in life and spread a little sunshine.
  • great ride!
  • SAGS: Wow! I really mean each of those 5s! This was so much fun and I had no clue you'd have so much food. Post race recovery meal...check!
  • Great job to all the volunteers and coordinators for this event! It was my 3rd time doing this tour and every time it gets better! Love it.
  • Everything was great no changes needed
  • This is our favorite ride of the year. Sags are well staffed and getting better every year (need some napkins at all sags next year). Keep up the good work!!
  • My wife and I both think it was perfect and will be back next year! Thanks for such an all around great experience!
  • I lived in Logan around 1990 and the town is so much nicer now. I will ride again next year. I liked the Grand Depart style of how it started
  • Overall the ride was very enjoyable, especially given the perfect weather. The route and river crossings were beautiful. There is a small stretch (somewhere in the middle of the century I think) where the road was in pretty bad shape. Would be great to avoid that but if not, no big deal. The amount of shade provided by the route was very surprising as well, and very welcomed! I'll definitely be back with some of our WRCC crew to do it again next year. Great warmup ride for RAIN also! Thanks!
  • I wish for you that the word can get out there so you will have more riders. I posted it on my Facebook page.
  • Great event! Thanks to everyone involved!
  • Loved all the SAG stops as well as the volunteers and the food very good spread.
  • This ride was top notch....just AMAZING! Sorry I have missed it in prior years. SAG stops we're plentiful, food choices were exceptional and the route was fantastic. No improvements needed! See you next year!!!
  • Aid stations were all staffed with friendly, helpful people, very appreciated. Also appreciated the "traffic marshalls" at crossings. The ride was awesome.
  • Excellent tour, ride was very well supported with great sags, excellent road markings (DH were excellemt).
  • Great Event!
  • It was great no changes needed.
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